V.C.S.V / V.C.S.A

V.C.S.V - J aarverslag 2017 / V.C.S.A - Annual report 2017


As a result of all the terrifying things that are taking place around us, these days many people are questioning the precence of God, wondering whether living a good life is worth the trouble. They refer to people who are successful because of dishonesty. What is currently happening will pass tomorrow, it will belong to history. God will ultimately triumph over evil.

There are various activities every Wednesday during school hours at the U.C.S.A. in our school, like singing praise and worship songs in the hall, inviting a preacher to come and talk to the learners or talking about Christian values in class discussions.

Every year there is a Christian camp for senior learners who wish to attend. This is a very important part of our educational objective at Lumiére.

Die V.C.S.V fokus op jeugbediening. God het nie verander nie. Hy sal nie die werk van Sy hande laat vaar nie.. Daar moet nou baie meer werk gedoen word om die gety van negatiwiteit en hopeloosheid onder ons jeug in positiwiteit en hoop te verander. Dit vra nuwe drome, planne, meer mense en groter toewyding. Die V.C.S.V werk steeds om die vernuwing van ons jeug deur Christus-liefde moontlik te maak.


The message we want to bring to the young people hearts is love can renew. This will bring new positive energy to the activities of our organisation in the years to come.