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Lumiére's three chess teams participated in the Vaal River school league during term 2 2023. The league consists of nine schools from the Vaal River area. Lumiére hosted the second league match of the year and it was a huge success. The children learned a lot and enjoyed it a lot. Lumiére's U/11 team finished 6th in the league and the U/13 finished 4th. Lumiére is very proud of every learner who participated; they held their school's name very high. The three teams with coaches concluded the wonderful season at the Emerald Casino at "Ten pinBowling". Lumière had a chess tour for the first time in the third quarter. We took 3 teams to Buffelspoort and won 3rd place out of 12 teams. We are also proud of the children's good behavior and team spirit that they showed over the weekend. They sang, danced and worked as a team and as a result won the spirit cup.

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