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LUMIéRE is truly a unique name. Should you wonder where it comes from, we can take a look at our motto, namely LUX ET SCIETAE. We can simply translate it as LIGHT AND SCIENCE. This motto is based on the large industries in the area - mainly SASOL and Lethabo Power Station.

It is clear then that academia is the primary activity for us to ensure that our learners are ready for the secondary schools. Our SUPER LUMIE system makes us unique in our approach to capturing Values ​​and Norms! Without this action, all academic knowledge is meaningless. Part of this is the friendship week which gives direction quarterly to the value and nurturing of friendship.


Without sports and cultural activities, life would be dull. We like to compete in, among other things, athletics, rugby, netball, hockey, cricket, tennis, chess, football and regularly boast the best scholar patrol team and very active CSV group.


Our motto in this regard is: DO YOUR BEST AND ENJOY IT!!!


Mass participation is promoted as many examples suggest that participation gives children "a place in life" - they belong somewhere !! We believe that it is our duty to cultivate the love for sport and culture - early ripe, early rotten! ​


At LUMIéRE we aim to fully "touch" each child. Our duty is to create opportunities and support children in what they undertake. Results of efforts made by the staff are clearly evident in the achievements of our former learners in the secondary schools. LUMIéRE boasts a safe site, safe means of transport, clean school grounds, equipped classrooms and an extremely loyal staff.



Quality education by dedicated teaching staff with their hand in Jesus Christ's hand.

2 Tim. 2:24

"A servant of the Lord don't argue On the contrary, he must be kind to all, able to to teach others and someone who can tolerate injustice. "

Our School Clothes

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